Information About Software

People mostly use OTA or Online Travel Agency channels for booking hotels. Hotels remain dedicated to these systems, especially in times of commission that they pay to these OTAs. Investing in the best online hotel distribution software can ease the task ( Hotels can improve their rankings as well as save a significant amount since they do not have to pay any commission. Reservations generated from GDS or Global Distribution Systems are falling.

Most of the premium channels nowadays demand ‘direct merchant level agreement’ with hoteliers. A survey has shown that in the US market, estimations of reputed OTA channels are above 80% of all online hotel reservations. This implies that to have greater exposure and better ranking, hotel owners should directly contact these channels. Normal GDS contact cannot offer proper position that direct merchant agreement can provide.

An Easy Solution to Hotel Ranking Problem

CRS or Central Reservation System software overcomes all the hurdles of hotel ranking and exposure. It offers hotel owners direct interface to prominent OTA networks ( This software acts as an online distribution channel management. They will have direct contact through CRS.

  • Best feature of this direct contact is there is no commission when guests book through OTAs.
  • No pass through fees. Only direct commission for hotels.

Thus, this CRS software allows hoteliers to save a huge amount. All OTA promotions and connections can be managed from front desk PMS only.

This software is highly beneficial for properties that largely depend on travel agencies and also, for properties that are in need for greater exposure. CRS software has direct connection to all major GDS existing in this world. So, online distribution now becomes easy for hotel industry with CRS by their side. There is no involvement of third party or middle man and the charge of PMS interface that GDS companies charge is totally free of cost.

Thus, with a top grade CRS software hotel industry has to pay lowest commission for GDS interface. Hotels can connect to numerous travel agencies across the globe through this interface. GDS interface has direct connection with front desk PMS.

There is also package selling in CRS. Hotels have the opportunity to combine inventories with package that are linked to car rental booking and flight booking. CRS software has also the option for ‘booking control restrictions’ and package discounts. The greatest advantage is package selling of CRS is integrated with front desk PMS.

Information About Software